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Oregon Rubber Co. began business in 1967 producing rubber as a subsidiary of Wyatt's Tire Company's retreading operation.

Our high-quality products caught the attention of other retreaders. Business began to grow by word-of-mouth until by 1975 we needed more manufacturing space. To handle the growing demand for our products, we built a 10,000 square foot plant. (Today, we occupy over 70,000 square feet and we're still growing!)

What began as an in-house supplier of quality rubber products for the retread industry expanded into production of rubber for mechanical goods and custom-mix rubber for hundreds of products. In order to differentiate the types of manufacturing, two separate subsidiary companies were established: Oregon Tread Rubber Co. and Oregon Rubber Mills.

Today, Oregon Tread Rubber Co. is responsible for over 50 types of tread designs and Oregon Rubber Mills produces custom mixes for all types of applications. Both companies distribute rubber products from Mexico to Alaska as well as many other locales in the United States.

At Oregon Rubber Co. and our subsidiaries, we believe that good-quality products at competitive prices and attentive service to our customers is the key to our continued growth and success.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and quotes. We look forward to serving you.


Julie Morris,

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